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The amount of junk e-mail is ever-increasing, and even though some spammers have been prosecuted because of the less-than-adequate CAN-SPAM act, the flood is absolutely unacceptable. Therefore, if you spam me, you do so at your own risk, because I report a lot of spammers to their Internet hosts, and I sometimes go ballistic and am very thorough and aggressive with my efforts. You've been warned!

Regarding the text and links below, it's something that I created a very long time ago, so a lot of it is out of date. Perhaps when I'm not so busy making sure that spammers get punished, I'll spend a little time reworking this.

Ironic "spam news" event: Spam Arrest: Busted

Why should we fight this fight? Here's a quote:

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
(attributed to Edmund Burke, British Member of Parliament from Ireland b. 1729- d. 1797)

If junk faxes can be outlawed (and they are!), then why not junk e-mail? I've contacted the US Attorney, my State Attorney General, US Senator, and the FCC, and I'm going to pursue this on behalf of all those who are sick and tired of spammers and junk e-mailers acting with impunity.

No, I'm not inviting the govenment to regulate each and every activity on the Internet...I'm just pushing for the prohibition of mass mailings of unsolicited e-mail, aka junk e-mail. These messages could be commercial, political, or whatever, but they are unwanted and an invasion of personal e-mail resources, and utilize the resources of individuals and providers without compensation. If you're willing to help, simply get on the phone or write to your federal (and/or state) legislators regarding this growing problem.

OJEN! speaks for those who believe that the feds need to step in when self-regulation just isn't doing the trick--and it just isn't! We won't be having meetings, membership lists, donations, etc......just action!

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An apt analogy involving Junk E-mail and litter.

Here's the portion of US Code that outlaws "Junk Faxes":

It *does not* apply to junk e-mail, except in the minds of those who call their computer a "fax machine". Surf the following US Senate and House of Representative links for your own legislators and tell them you want the "junk fax" rules expanded to include e-mail (not *all* of them have e-mail addresses listed at this point): Legislation:
At this time, various states and the Federal Congress are in the process of passing versions of anti-junk-email bills. The first one that came to my attention was in Nevada, where a state senator introduced the following anti-junk e-mail bill to the Nevada State Senate: Senate Bill No. 13 Unfortunately, the Direct Marketing Association, the junk mail lobby, managed to neuter the bill before it's final enactment, so it no longer does what it was designed to do. The DMA is doing this on the federal level, as well as in the states, and THEY ARE THE ENEMY!!!!!!!

In addition, another organization--the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (CAUCE) has been formed to proceed exactly as I've recommended in encouraging legislation in Washington, D.C. Visit their Web site at: http://www.cauce.org

They are in favor of the efforts of Representative Christopher H. Smith of New Jersey, who has proposed the following legislation:

Unfortunately, Senator Murkowski of Alaska has also introduced a proposal that is vastly inferior to the Smith bill. It would allow continued spamming, but require Subject-line tagging, opt-out lists ("please remove me"), and extensive filtering on the part of ISP's. This is BAD LEGISLATION!

Good News!
One of the most notorious senders of Junk E-mail, Sanford Wallace (of CyberPromo), lost a major court decision in a case vs. CompuServe. Click HERE for the announcement, and click HERE for the text of the judgement!

Related links: (please drop me a note if any of these go "dead")

Oh, BTW...yes, I realize that junk e-mail can be sent from anywhere in the world, but that's a specious argument, because the same thing can be said of junk faxes, and they've been made illegal. Even if the sending of junk e-mail is driven out of the USA, then international laws and enforcement procedures would become necessary. The precedent is there...we just need to turn up the volume! OK now, one...two...three...


For those who think that the the "junk fax" rules (TCPA) somehow apply to junk e-mail, I've received a quite informed opinion to the contrary. According to the attorney I spoke to from the FCC, who is their top expert in this area, the FCC isn't supporting that train of thought. In fact, here's a link to an article that originally appeared in Net.Guide(tm) that also supports this conclusion: Just the Fax, Ma'am

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